LEED Certification

Clean City, LLC now has the capability to help your business attain Leadership in Energy Efficient Design (LEED) Certification. Allow us to explain the value for your business.

LEED Certification is based on submitting the necessary documentation to the US Green Building Council demonstrating that your business meets all of the requirements that every building must attain. Achieving certification for your new construction or existing facility, will not only make your site environmentally sound, but will save you time and money in the future. In the very near future, LEED certification will not only be an attractive selling point in the market, but a requirement by building and construction guidelines. The LEED approach to facility enhancement employs positive practices towards health, energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable site development.

From a financial standpoint, LEED Certification has financial pros as well. Attaining certification not only makes your business more marketable to consumers, but could also mean significant tax breaks and high-end return material recycling programs and products. Certification provides long-run cost savings and positive public relations.

Allowing Clean City, LLC to use our standard Green Cleaning practices for your next enhancement or sanitation project will help you towards LEED Certification.

LEED Certification Requirements

Clean City can help you obtain or maintain LEED Certification through:

  • Eliminating the need for toxic chemicals and manpower required to remove graffiti.
  • Reducing energy loss by applying clear thin laminated coatings to windows minimizing solar loads.
  • Minimizing the impact on the water supply system through reusing and treating wastewater.
  • Reducing fumes, odors and vapors by cleaning with GREEN products and methods.
  • Experience in developing necessary documentation to get maximum LEED points.